five percent – chapter 17 now online

Chapter 17 – Countdown to lift-off

With B’s fingers searching the toilet bowl and Sasha poised to hit the fire alarm, will the Pergantite Guardians get the info vid?

And has Marcus Plug finally come through with the whereabouts of Sasha’s daughter?


and the room disappeared…

My lie tumbled out like a fresh-born lamb before I could stop it. ‘Nothing’s going on. It was just a cheap kill-thrill.’

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If we’re not alone, how would we even know?
The five percent are here. Question is, what are they going to do about it?

Has Sasha’s daughter really been found?

Could it really be true? Is Kalina alive? An old friend contacts Sasha to say:

I won’t tell you where I am, not yet, because I want to be certain that you won’t do anything rash.

I’ve seen them, Sasha. I’ve seen Xanthia with a little girl.

the twins do their thing – chapter 12 of Five Percent

Five Percent – chapter 12: The twins do their thing

Cappie and B managed to escape the jellyfish swarm, but are now in the proverbial fire – and B seems to be the only one to feel the heat…


…Very slick. Make it sound like you have half an army waiting on the Lady Beth instead of one dippy, pseudo Rastafarian. She might not know they were basically family, her and the Herodotus’s crew, but she was a natural: a psychological trickster just like the rest of them.

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Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time!


Who knows what a ‘fluther’ is?

B’s flippered feet flowed behind them both like mermaid’s hair. When they reached the seabed, she let go of Cappie’s waist and swam towards her target but just as she reached her hand out, she was violently yanked backwards.

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The story so far


Five Percent by Trey Montague at JukePop Serials

Chapter 1

Marjaaran body switcher, Sasha Maksym, is trapped on a foreign planet in a foreign man’s body, 2057, Earth time. His nine-year-old daughter, Kalina, has been snatched by the wife-bitch and now he and his brilliant but hapless assistant, Pazooki, are lumbered with doing dirty work for the nastiest Marjaaran on Earth – aka, Spud. And things are about get even worse…

Chapter 2

During Sasha’s first flesh-spy on his new target – Astrophysicist, Dr Lily Bougara (‘B’) – what can stop him giving in to temptation?

Chapter 3

B and her boss get off to a rough start before being ordered on a mission to recover a mystery meteorite.

Chapter 4

Sasha and Pazooki spy on the scientists as they recover the meteorite – it is untouched by human hands. Thank Marjaar! Sasha and Pazooki must steal it before it’s too late.

Chapter 5

Sasha’s turmoil over his missing daughter is interfering with what he has to do: suck it up and work for Spud so that the company’s superior tech can be used to find Kalina. He and Pazooki watch the meteorite transform into a Quantum Signalling Beacon. Then it’s time to take back what they came for…

Chapter 6

Will Sasha and Pazooki get to the beacon in time? What will Spud do to them if he finds out what’s really going on?

Chapter 7

The meeting with Spud is skin-of-their-teeth and gives Sasha and Pazooki a tall order to fill.

Chapter 8

Feral dogs and proverbial knights in shining armour. Will Sasha get what he needs from B? Will she guess what he’s really after?

Chapter 9

Sasha’s messed up but will he put Doc Salter in the frame to take the fall out?

Chapter 10

B and Dreadboy are on the hunt for a second meteorite but things are not as they seem. Their  search leads them into a swarm of danger…

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A Clone in Time… Free Science Fiction online!


…everything except for the rows and rows of empty-headed clones, each housed in its own transparent chamber, each a horizontal, hairless, sleeping beauty manufactured so that, one day, it could replace a loved, dead human.

Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Five Percent.
Now available to read online at JukePop Serials.

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