Drink! Thirsty Fish


Bakerloo tube-sweat torments

trickles and runs down

into damp crevices.

As the tube doors eerily slide

the casket gasps like a cod, drowning.

And in a while we’ll all be

desk-bound, sloshing around

The City bowl.

In spite of our hearts

we swing from handles

grasping abstinence from life.

We dare not relinquish our hold

dare not quench our dehydrated souls

with life’s symphonic currency

that aches to course like river rapids

through our damned veins.

Yet, as Nature decrees

freed juices seep

from beneath tongue flesh

that lizard-dances

anticipating the last glass on the platform

before the final train departs.

Astounding, then, it is

that we remain

still standing, standing still.

Published in: Perceptions In Poetry – An Anthology of Poetry; Dogma Publications; 2004; Ed. Mark Lane.


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