five percent (SF serialised novel)

Five Percent, a rollercoaster of highly imaginative, accessible tech noir cyberpunk with one foot in pre-historic genetic manipulation. It’ll keep you glued to your seat long after your bottom’s gone numb.

Vote for it on the JukePop link in the cover below or I’ll send the boys round.

click on pic to read Five Percent on JukePop Serials

Obviously it’s better to actually read the book. But if you really, really want to, here’s a brief, partial synopsis:

London, 2057. Sasha Maksym, a conscripted switcher with more lives than a crested Uridian phot, is in a spot of bother by assassin standards. Stuck in a human body, can he rescue his only child? If Sasha’s acquisitive wife had known he was an alien mind in a human body and the best cold kill operative in the solar, she’d never have run off with their little girl, Kalina. To find her, Sasha and his geeky apprentice must work for fellow Marjaaran switcher, ‘Spud’ La Haye, the newly crowned Mr Big at LHI Corp. LHI’s business plan is to ready Earth for Marjaaran invasion. They’re arse-deep in a covert war with the Pergantites (Denisovan ancestors and self-appointed Earth guardians), when a long-awaited quantum signalling beacon falls into the unwitting hands of Astrophysicist, Dr Lily Bougara (aka ‘B’). She inadvertently primes the beacon and it will now respond only to her. To retain his position and any chance of finding his kid, Sasha must convince B to signal a ‘go’ on the Marjaaran flesh trip. Then, surprise, surprise, he’ll have to kill her. The snag is, since Kalina disappeared, Sasha’s…handicapped. No one must know: an assassin who can’t cold kill is not a job they’d let him live with. Secretly, he hacks B’s Intralens and, via his own web-hooked contact lens, spies through her own eyes. He needs to ‘warm up’ the kill just enough to get the job done. But, as luck would have it, things don’t exactly go to plan…


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