The story so far


Five Percent by Trey Montague at JukePop Serials

Chapter 1

Marjaaran body switcher, Sasha Maksym, is trapped on a foreign planet in a foreign man’s body, 2057, Earth time. His nine-year-old daughter, Kalina, has been snatched by the wife-bitch and now he and his brilliant but hapless assistant, Pazooki, are lumbered with doing dirty work for the nastiest Marjaaran on Earth – aka, Spud. And things are about get even worse…

Chapter 2

During Sasha’s first flesh-spy on his new target – Astrophysicist, Dr Lily Bougara (‘B’) – what can stop him giving in to temptation?

Chapter 3

B and her boss get off to a rough start before being ordered on a mission to recover a mystery meteorite.

Chapter 4

Sasha and Pazooki spy on the scientists as they recover the meteorite – it is untouched by human hands. Thank Marjaar! Sasha and Pazooki must steal it before it’s too late.

Chapter 5

Sasha’s turmoil over his missing daughter is interfering with what he has to do: suck it up and work for Spud so that the company’s superior tech can be used to find Kalina. He and Pazooki watch the meteorite transform into a Quantum Signalling Beacon. Then it’s time to take back what they came for…

Chapter 6

Will Sasha and Pazooki get to the beacon in time? What will Spud do to them if he finds out what’s really going on?

Chapter 7

The meeting with Spud is skin-of-their-teeth and gives Sasha and Pazooki a tall order to fill.

Chapter 8

Feral dogs and proverbial knights in shining armour. Will Sasha get what he needs from B? Will she guess what he’s really after?

Chapter 9

Sasha’s messed up but will he put Doc Salter in the frame to take the fall out?

Chapter 10

B and Dreadboy are on the hunt for a second meteorite but things are not as they seem. Their  search leads them into a swarm of danger…

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