NaNo blues

Whether it has hit you yet or not, at some point during the month there’s a fair chance that most of you brave NaNo-ites may get to wondering whether you were in your right mind when you decided to embark upon your marathon. You might ask yourself questions: will I last the course? I’m not too worn out yet but …will I make it? Where the hell is my dinner? They said they’d make me dinner!

You’re all well read enough to know that many, if not most, writers experience exactly the same thoughts and feelings when they’re writing a ‘normal’ novel (one that isn’t written in a month). Perhaps you’ll get the feeling in great concentration, perhaps not. Whatever wall you hit, remember: keep at it. Baby steps. Don’t worry about editing or plotting or anything of that kind, just focus on the finish line. You’ll get there. Good luck (from a NaNo Nono, aka, coward.


One comment on “NaNo blues

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