Chapter 8 of Five Percent is now live – ‘It turned out to be a very strange Wednesday…’

‘a rusty trap was clamped tight around the feral’s leg and white bone shone through the serrations where three separate lines of African ants were busy unpicking its flesh.’

If you would like to read and vote for Five Percent by Trey Montague, hop over to:



7 comments on “Chapter 8 of Five Percent is now live – ‘It turned out to be a very strange Wednesday…’

    • Thank you! It’s always a challenge to be edgy enough without going so far over the edge that no one knows what the hell I’m on about. I have a short story that I’m sending off to hopefully be published in a magazine and it’s taken me two years to decide (with the help of some great recent feedback from reader friends) that it isn’t too hard to grasp. This is great, because the story is one of my favourites and has a very unusual meta-twist that I was worried readers wouldn’t ‘get’ (some didn’t) but most did – and they loved it. Hopefully I’ll get it magazined and then later be able to post it on my blog.

      I’ve thought of writing in partnership but I don’t think I’d be very good at relinquishing my little universes. However, we could do a fun exercise of posting a communal poem that gets passed around and everyone else has to add another line…I’ll put it on a separate post, here comes the first line…

      • Communal poem/flash/? – join in! Add one line each and we’ll see what happens. At the end we can collaborate on a title. I’ll start us off:

        She couldn’t have known it would happen that way

      • Glad you like it Charliezero. Technically, it’s already published – JukePop pay their authors for the first installment and then let us slug it out for top places. I’ve been in the top 20 since it launched, sometimes in the top five, sometimes not – a lot of the ranking depends on your twittering and other social networking abilities and contacts at this stage (a steep learning curve for me), although when the alpha launch occurs in a couple of weeks, I suspect that will have less sway than readers who you don’t know finding and reading the work for its enjoyment and quality alone. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks, I loved writing that chapter, especially with its secretive undertones and the way Sasha realises he could be viewed as someone he’s not (being an alien in another man’s body he’s used to that) and actually like it for a change.

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