JukePop Serials, FREE books…

I admit it, I’ve been slacking. Experiment over. Back to work (crikey, the novel’s already finished so it’s not like I have to do much). It’s my own fault I slipped down the ratings from the number 2 SF novel to…ahem…a less prestigious position.

I intend to right this embarrassing effect forthwith and have therefore posted chapter 6 of Five Percent . After all, we are supposed to actually publish the chapters in order that the readers can vote for them. It is a vote based system, doh!

My experience so far with JukePop has been positive: they treat me well as an author, listen to my suggestions about tweaks to their beta launched site and are quick to answer any queries or sort out any niggly tech problems (not that there have been many). Plus, there are loads of interesting, good quality, not to mention FREE books being serialised.

Any other JukePop authors who’d like to join in the conversation, it’d be great to hear from you – even better, I’d like to hear about JukePop reader experiences – hang on, just had a thought (ouch) maybe we could even get JP to put in a forum? Just an idea.


4 comments on “JukePop Serials, FREE books…

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    • Excellent. I notice from the extra votes that I’ve already had that others out there are night owls (either that, or the TV is even more crap than usual tonight).

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