Goodies Trey

Tuesday 22nd May 2057, 09.00 hrs

Democratic Borough of Kensington, London

Convincing Pazooki to hack into our target’s Intralens took all of five minutes… It was Good Practice, I’d said…Good Practice my arse, like we were MI7 or something and human rules applied.

Five Percent is edgy cyberpunk science fiction now available FREE in serial form on genre fiction website: JukePop Serials.

Also on site here are some short stories, flash fiction and the odd (and they are very odd) poem.


4 comments on “Goodies Trey

    • Hi, I tried to open the spacenoodles free cards section (got as far as clicking on ‘birthday’) but nothing happened. Waited about 45 secs. Thought you should know. Cool idea though!

      • Hi Hank, I tried it again, this time for a minute, but nothing happened (the timer was going around though). Might just be my computer’s too slow, it isn’t the most recent model. If no one else has had problems, ignore mine.Trey

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